Cobra iRadar 200 Smart Detection System Radar/Laser/Camera Detector

Cobra iRadar 200 Smart Detection System Radar/Laser/Camera Detector


The powerful new Cobra iRadar 200 Radar Detector (iRAD 200), sports a sleek and appealing low-profile form factor featuring a satin black sheen and new brushed metal accent trim—designed to look right at home in the company of today’s hottest smartphones and progressive automotive interiors. The next-generation iRadar dash-mounted unit pairs via Bluetooth® with the free Android™ or iOS Cobra iRadar App . Its state-of-the-art hardware detects all radar and laser guns on the market, offering 360-degree coverage for full protection on all sides.

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The iRadar Detection Unit is a fully functional detector with or without the companion Cobra iRadar app. Without the app, the Detection Unit’s large, crisp speaker delivers clear audio alerts to all radar and laser signals, and features a City/Highway mode that reduces false alerts in urban areas. Its City Mode setting automatically filters out unwanted false alerts caused by automatic door openers, while Highway Mode ensures maximum protection range and immediate alerts.

The new model is also fully compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones, offering greater flexibility to users or families with multiple smartphones, or those who switch phones. It supports all past and current iRadar smartphone app versions, including the latest versions for iOS and Android which feature Cobra iRadar Community. Cobra’s powerful new community-sharing capabilities allow users to report and alert other iRadar users to live police, caution areas, and photo enforcement areas nearby. Together, the iRadar system alerts drivers in real-time to detected safety alerts, as well as red light camera locations, dangerous intersections, known speed trap locations, and more.

The smartphone app also offers access to GPS-based alerts, a graphical compass, max speed setting, and mapping features, as well as allowing for customization of detector settings, alert viewing, and more. The app utilizes the smartphone’s data connection for access to AURA™, the only 100 percent verified database of known driving threats and hazards throughout the GPS/navigation industry.

Cobra iRadar combines industry leading radar/laser detection technology with the power of your smartphone. Connect to iRadar using your phone’s Bluetooth connection to view & share radar alerts, flag Live Police areas, and be warned of upcoming speed and redlight cameras. iRadar is the most innovative, technologically advanced, and user-friendly detector device ever created.

Cobra iRadar App

Allows for sharing of real-time alert information with other iRadar users
Alerts to speed & redlight cameras, known speed traps, and dangerous intersections
Displays visual alerts from the detector on your smart phone*
Controls radar detector settings from your smart phone*

Cobra iRadar Detector unit:

Detects all radar & laser guns
Provides 360 degree detection
Reduces false alerts with City/Highway Mode

* Smart phone must be connected to a Cobra iRadar Detector unit to enable this functionality